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My name is Eugene and I'm from Kramatorsk, Ukraine. Last 10+ years I live and work at Ukrainian headquarters of Plarium in Kharkiv.

Founded in 2009, Plarium Global Ltd. is dedicated to creating the best mobile and social experience for hardcore and casual gamers worldwide. With over 250 million registered users, we’re proud to be consistently ranked among Facebook’s top hardcore game developers.

My work experience at Plarium

2016/Now — Senior Javascript developer

The development of the platforms for Plarium games is in my field of responsibility — Plarium Play application for Windows / macOS with games of the company and other partners.

I also supervise the development of an isomorphic web pages rendering engine on the React/Redux/NodeJS/Express stack. Build-tools for frontend projects were developed and maintain by me.

A lot of time I assist the markup-development team in developing UI components for various company projects. I possess experience with developing interactive storybooks and styled-components.

My own introductory Javascript lecture course was given to QA engineers at Plarium.

I was a lead programmer in the development of the corporate website.

Work with ReactJS / Redux / NodeJS / Express / Webpack / PostCSS / StyledComponents / Electron

2013/2016 — Lead Frontend developer

I led a team from 3 to 7 markup and javascript developers.

I supported the main gaming web-platform of the company and directly participated in the development of the company's internal social network, which later transform into a full value internal HR management tool.

Took part in the development of interactive landing pages for game projects using Unity WebGL technologies. I was also engaged in the development of various websites and the main game portal Plarium.

Create and maintain storybooks with UI components for internal projects.

2012/2013 — Frontend developer

I make markup for numerous landing pages to advertise game projects of the company. They were mostly written in HTML/CSS/jQuery.

In association with ASP.NET developers I participated in the creation of the integrations with such partners like Facebook, Mail.ru, Kongregate, Vk.com and others.


National Technical University "KhPI" - Deutsch technical faculty, bachelor degree. Electronic systems of automation.